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HI! My name is Russell Bywaters and I'm glad you've stopped by our website. My workroom serves the greater Atlanta area. I started working in the slipcovering trade at Hall's Slipcover Company in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Hyattsville, Maryland in 1969, and though I've seen a few changes in the styles and popularity of slipcovering, one thing hasn't changed and that is the design versatility and practicality of a well made slipcover.
""For those of you who may not be familiar with this method of covering furniture, a slipcover is like clothing, except it's made for furniture. For instance, when the body of a sofa or chair is upholstered, the inside arms, outside arms, the back, etc., are stapled or tacked to the frame in separate pieces. A the body of a slipcover, however, like a garment, is made as a single, removable piece. And, like clothing, slipcovers can be made very tailored (in many cases the furniture looks as if it has been reupholstered), or fitted in a more relaxed fashion, in the way, for example, a pair of Docker's® slacks fit compared to formal dress trousers. 
""Also like clothing, a slipcover can be removed for washing or cleaning. In fact, a pre-washed denim slipcover for your TV room sofa is like fitting it with a pair of durable, washable jeans - genuine peace of mind if you have a child. Or married one. The slipcovering process differs also in that the craftsperson usually comes to the customers home and fits the new cover to the furniture much as a tailor or dressmaker would fit a dress to a dress form with pins. The "tailor” then takes the soon-to-be slipcover back to the workroom to be sewn before delivering the finished article back to the home for installation. So there you have the slipcover basics. Please visit our gallery for some examples of the many possibilities slipcovering affords, and feel free to contact me for any other questions you may have.