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How To Select Slipcover Fabrics -- and Where To Find Them
by Russell Bywaters

Here’s quick tip for selecting an appropriate fabric for your slipcover. Since cotton goods such as duck, sateen, denim, twill or damask will work best, take a look at the cotton prints - they’ll be printed on fabric that has the weight and characteristics you’ll want in a slipcover fabric.

If you want to see how your fabric will launder, you can cut off a 1/4 yard piece and throw it in the washer and dryer. Just make sure you measure it beforehand so you can see if it shrinks.

If you want to pre-shrink your fabric, cut it (or have the store cut it for you) into 8 or 10 yard pieces. These should fit easily into your washing machine (one at a time, of course). Use hot water and fabric softener and be sure to remove the fabric from the washer as soon as it stops to reduce wrinkling. The same goes for the dryer, also. Remove the fabric as soon as the machine stops and gently fold it. Pressing shouldn’t be necessary since the slipcover is going to be pressed when the sewing process is finished.

These some area fabric sources and a few online sources thrown in for good measure. You can click on the link below the store names for locations, directions, and hours. Many of my clients have become enthusiastic online fabric shoppers and my personal experience with buying fabric online has been very satisfactory. The online stores will send you swatches so you can feel the goods and see the color, and their prices are often much lower than retail store prices. And you don’t have to leave your home.

I’ve just listed a few of the many online and local sources, and a perusal of some of the online directories such as, the online Yellowpages, the Kudzu Directory, etc. will show many more. Of course, for more online stores just put on a pot of coffee and enter “decorative designer fabrics” in you favorite search engine. Happy hunting! (ONLINE ONLY)

Dharma Trading Company (ONLINE ONLY)

Fabricmaster (ONLINE ONLY)

In the Greater Atlanta Area:

Forsyth Fabrics

Lewis and Sharon Textile Company

Fabric And Fringe Warehouse

Textile Warehouse Co

Curran Designer Fabrics

Peachtree Fabrics Direct

Hancock Fabrics

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Silk Trading Company

Fugal Fabrics and Design

Miltex Fabrics

Calico Corners

Southeast Yarns