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About My Products and Services:

Custom Tailored Slipcovers

Since custom tailored slipcovers are fitted on the specific piece of furniture they are to cover, I need physical access to the furniture. The process is pretty simple. Once you have your fabric in your home, I’ll make an appointment to come out and fit the slipcovers on your furniture. I bring the pinned fabric back to the shop for sewing and when the new slipcovers are ready I’ll bring them out and put them on. This means that I don’t need to take your furniture out of your home and that this particular service is limited to the Greater Atlanta area. Of course, if someone feels that having me come to, lets say, Wyoming, and they feel the additional travel, time, and lodging costs are justifiable, I’d be most flattered and willing to go whereever and slipcover what ever they wish. “Have scissors, will travel.” :)

Duplicated Slipcovers

If you live outside the Atlanta area, or if your furniture is in a vacation home and you have an existing slipcover for it, I can usually use the old slipcover as a pattern and ship the new slipcover to you.

Cushions and Cushion Covers""

I can make new cushion covers for just about any style of cushion made, and unless the cushion itself needs renewing or replacing, a new set of covers is often all that is needed. I can also make replacement cushions inserts if neccessary. Most seat cushions these days are made of urethane foam and wrapped with Dacron, although some are the inner-spring type similiar to mattresses. Back cushions are typically filled with loose Dacron or a down and feather blend. I’ll make new ones of any flavor. Often, just adding filling or re-wrapping the existing cushions with dacron or down and feather can renew the cushion without replacing it entirely.

For The Bedroom

Although I don’t work with quilted fabric, I do make lined bedspreads, coverlets, dustskirts, pillow covers and shams, bolsters, table covers and toppers. Also, most headboards lend themselves to quite well to slipcovering. This is an often overlooked design option that can really help transform a bedroom.

Decorator Pillows""

O.K. This could be very long or very short. Since I’d probably forget some of the style variations if I tried to list them all, I’ll leave it at this: Square, round, welted, buttoned, zippered, with ruffles, with double ruffes, with flanges, with fringe...well, I’ll make just about any style of throw pillow you wish.

In The Dining Room

Parsons chairs are excellent candidates for slipcovering. Since slipcovers are easily removable for washing, dry cleaning or spot cleaning, worries about food stains become a thing of the past. Of course, if your chairs just have upholstered seats, those can be covered also. And it’s not uncommon to make full, to-the-floor Parsons-style slipcovers for wood dining room chairs. Talk about changing the style of a chair...

"" ""

Of course, any type of chair can be covered for a new look, and I also make matching/contrasting/complimenting table covers and/or runners.

Furniture Throws


Decorative furniture throws add different "flavors" to your sofas, chairs and beds. For example, you can put a casual-look patterned throw over a formal-look sofa to create a homey atmosphere. In addition, the throws are often used as lap-blankets and cozy personal cover-ups in the winter.

They can be made of many different fabrics to achieve the function and appearance you wish. A favorite of lots of folks is the luxurious fake fur throw. My personal preference is to make the throws double-sided instead of merely lined. Then you can have, say, something like a velvet on one side and a brocade on the other. And matching pillows are also an option. There are numerous possibilities.

"" Protective furniture throws are simply large squares or rectangles of fabric for throwing over a piece of furniture as a cover-up. They can be sized to cover the entire piece or just large sections. Often made of denim or similiarly durable cotton goods, they aren’t fitted as slipcovers are, but are easily laundered and great for protecting your upholstery or slipcovers from everyday wear and tear. And you can just fold them up and hide them under the furniture when company comes. I won’t tell. :)

Slipcovering In General

And then there are slipcovers in Sunbrella to protect the patio grill, for the old trunk in the attic bedroom, for the front porch glider....slipcovering isn’t just for furniture. If you have something that needs covering just call, email,send a picture - chances are it can be slipcovered!